Summer 2015

B. Sharp Summer 2015

We had a phenomenal summer at B. Sharp School of Dance! Please enjoys photos from our Summer Workshop and Dance Camp, Princess Camp featuring “Frozen”,  Master Classes taught by guest teachers from River Dance and Broadway, Princess Night, Art Classes, and a Photo Shoot!  Our dancers couldn’t have had a better experience that was more fun or educational!  Please join us for Summer 2016!

 IMG_3352 IMG_7579 IMG_2887 IMG_2304 IMG_7192IMG_2067 IMG_1048 IMG_9602 IMG_6155 IMG_7737 IMG_5246 IMG_0734 IMG_3075 IMG_3075 IMG_3075 IMG_6403 IMG_9877 IMG_3235 IMG_4874 IMG_7995 IMG_8826 IMG_8806 IMG_3438 IMG_0834 IMG_9877 (1) IMG_5293 IMG_5118 IMG_9298 IMG_5970 IMG_4275 IMG_4733 IMG_6052 IMG_1897 IMG_8649 IMG_5857 IMG_5873 IMG_2714 IMG_9334 IMG_5368 IMG_2337 IMG_4485 IMG_1374 IMG_2875 IMG_8683 IMG_2820 IMG_3918 IMG_3350 IMG_3022 IMG_9110 IMG_8580 IMG_8566 IMG_3941 IMG_4884 IMG_9938 IMG_5894 IMG_1370 IMG_7551 IMG_6868 IMG_3654 IMG_0786 IMG_5363 IMG_6955 IMG_9377 IMG_1093

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